Lachlan Stuckey

Lachlan Stuckey
Booking Agent / Artist Manager

Lachlan Stuckey is a central figure in Melbourne’s burgeoning soul community. Proudly Coburg born and bred, he is known as an unquestionable music devotee who handles his craft with authenticity and a perceptive scholarly acumen. Having carved out his own path with a daring DIY spirit, Lachlan’s impact bringing forward Melbourne’s bubbling alt-soul-jazz scene has been felt in various capacities. Whether acting as a musician, label or artist manager, booking agent or DJ, Lachlan has quickly gained industry reverence as a credible operator, always handling his creative endeavours with considered care and creative savvy.

Focused on a grass-roots approach to his involvement in the music industry, 2018 saw him co-found College Of Knowledge Records with a mission of shining light on Melbourne’s emerging cinematic soul sound. Now home to Crown Ruler artists Surprise Chef and Karate Boogaloo, whom he also manages, the label’s titles have piqued the attention of music fans across the world, selling out multiple vinyl pressings and even finding themselves licensed by lauded UK tastemakers Mr Bongo. In a relatively short span Lachlan has humbly played a hand in further solidifying Melbourne’s reputation as a leading musical hotbed, all the while maintaining a certain organic sincerity to compliment his hustle.

In 2019 Lachlan officially joined the Crown Ruler family and immediately took on a significant portion of the booking agency. His ambition along with a willingness to understand his artist’s goals and identity has already seen proven results and set up busy calendars. Lachlan has a reputation for doing his homework, eager to understand the nuances of the industry and to find fitting opportunities for his artists. Highly personable and with strong relationships across the Australian and New Zealand landscape, Lachlan works tirelessly on his reach to see his artists find growth in events and touring.

Already with a knowledge base beyond his years and forever hungry to learn more, he spends his spare time playing soul and reggae records to anyone who’ll listen, with a particular penchant for odd music trivia. A ubiquitous presence on the local DJ circuit, Lachlan fundamentally relishes in sharing music and continues to champion quality sounds with love and sincerity.

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