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Crown Ruler Mix #17 —

Carlo Xavier

Crown Ruler Mix # 17 – Carlo Xavier

Another deep dive into the sun-soaked spool of tropical influence. This time our explorative offering comes from respected Melbourne-based digger, Carlo Xavier.
The globetrotting DJ delivers a show of bravura, with a blend of 80s & 90s, Lusofinic-rhythmic bliss. “Semba Jangada” is a sharp and expansive mix to savour.

Co-founder of Sabrosa and curator for world renowned label Analog Africa, Carlo Xavier is as knowledgeable as they come when it comes to unearthing colourful curiosities from Africa, Amazonia and the Carribean. His profile as an insightful and discerning digger is noted by music nerds around the world.

A seasoned traveller across South America and with family heritage in Portugal, his passion, particularly for tackling the assemblage of music from Portuegese speaking nations is impressive. Whether it’s Semba from Angola, Batidas from Lisboa, or future-beats from the north of Brazil, Carlo leaves no ancestral stone unturned.

Words from Carlo Xavier about the mix;

Semba Jangada is a term I have given this sound from the late 80’s to mid 90’s in the Lusofonic (Portuguese speaking) regions in Africa – Angola, Cabo Verde, Guine Bissau & Mozambique. Jangada is a traditionally handmade fishing boat which seems to me to be a common theme amongst these regions and quite possibly an attribution to that characteristic buoyant swing we feel locked in the groove. Worth mentioning, Sons d’Africa out of Angola, widely responsible for the spread of these sounds across Europe, based in Lisbon and Paris became one of the main distributors of the Semba and Zouk sound which later became known as Musica P.A.L.O.P (Paises Africanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa) Not only do you hear Portuguese and French in the lyrics of this mix but also Kimbundo, the national language of Angola, one of the many Bantu languages from these regions.
Brought to you across the Atlantic trade routes, decolonising your body and bouncing across the Pacific, this is Semba Jangada!

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