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Crown Ruler Mix #18 —


Crown Ruler Mix # 18 – Robert Bergman & Calypso Steve

Back with the goods – The first ever B2B edition in the Crown Ruler mix series comes from Amsterdam-based record dudes, Robert Bergman & Calypso Steve. Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. It’s easy to be fooled by the low profile, the raillery and the nonchalant personas. They are the anti-heroes in a self-promo fuelled DJ rat race. Don’t get it twisted though, this lethal pairing goes deep. Well respected by the who’s who in digging circles, these two break the records to your favourite DJ who then “breaks” those records again. Find each behind the desk at two of the world’s most noteworthy record stores, Rush Hour and Redlight Records respectively. Both have proven to be ahead of the curve in digging trends yet just as admirably, are not guided by obscurities. Their savvy ears and discerning taste prove ever reliable for music lovers making sense of two heavy collections. Float away to this top shelf mix of bent boogie and proto-house heaters.


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