Yang Chen

Yang Chen
Booking Agent / Artist Manager

Yang Chen is a dedicated music enthusiast who has quickly made her impression on Naarm (Melbourne)’s spirited music scene. First sprouting as a jazz saxophonist, playing in several outfits including Cofi and Gabriel LCR, Yang has become a valuable figure within the Naarm community recognised for her unwavering commitment to championing forward-thinking sounds, and equally pushing for more diverse and supportive opportunities within the industry.

Paired with her musicianship, Yang manages a myriad of emerging talent including Elle Shimada, Lucky Pereira and Gabriel LCR. She has a penchant for shining light on deserving up-and-coming artists driven by her blazing belief and an unrelenting pursuit for finding new opportunities.

Having grown up on the blueprint of jazz heavyweights like Charlie Parker, Cannonball Aderley and Kenny Garrett, before later swerving into the depths of a new contemporary jazz world, playing along to names such as Elena Pinderhughes, Chris Daddy Dave and Braxton Cook, Yang’s foundation of influences would inform her tastes as she became enamored by nightlife and club culture. It was amongst the infectious stage energy, desirous crowds and much dancing where she realised she wanted to dedicate herself to the local music community. For Yang, it is within the diversity, wide-eyed enthusiasm and welcoming nature of Naarm’s emerging scene that inspires her to help foster its potential and aid the artists who drive it.

Young and hungry, Yang has thrown herself at every opportunity to help see her hometown grow. She is the founder of Kitchen Events. Since 2018, the non-for-profit music party has invested in creating all-inclusive, all-immersive and all-interactive spaces showcasing some of the city’s most hotly-tipped talent. The events protrude on the music landscape demonstrating ways of coming together with innovative thinking and a support base full of good will.

In 2019 Yang joined the Crown Ruler family starting on an internship focusing on administrative and hospitality support across various tours and festivals. This culminated in managing guest services for the debut of New Years Day festival, Sun Cycle. With an unwavering drive to soak up new information and all the while exuding care and passion for her home scene, the natural evolution saw Yang shift into the role of booking agent. She now represents an eclectic roster of forward-thing artists and is committed to exploring every avenue of support to see each grow and find deserving breaks.

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